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Sustee | Aquameter

Sustee | Aquameter

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Are you killing your plants with kindess by overwatering them? Or are you one of those plant parents who simply forgets? 

That's where Sustee Aquameters come in to help!

After watering your plant the Sustee device absorbs moisture at the root level, just like your plant, then the level of absorbed water rises, the indicator gradually becomes blue.

It takes about 10 minutes to turn completely blue after watering. You will know it's time to water when the colour changes from blue to white. It's really that simple!

Sustee stays in place so it does not disturb your growing roots.

S (left) is best for small or shallow pots with plant roots about 5cm (2 inches) deep
M (middle) is best for pots 12-18cm (4.7 to 7 inches) in diameter
L (right) is best for pots more than 18cm (7 inches) in diameter

Please note, only white available

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