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Project Succulent

Project Succulent

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Project Succulent by Baylor Chapman

Succulents are among the easiest plants to care for. Requiring minimal water, a healthy dose of sunshine, and little else, these pint-size classics are popular for good reason.

In this little handbook, adapted from Baylor Chapman’s The Plant Recipe Book, longtime plant obsessives and self-described black thumbs alike will find the guidance and inspiration to welcome succulents into their personal spaces in creative new ways, with the added instruction to encourage them to go off the beaten path with unconventional groupings and containers.

Easy, affordable, and oh-so-sweet, succulents take the centre stage here in 25 stylish plant projects, accompanied by helpful information on caring for these rugged showstoppers.

 Hardback | 112 pages |  17cm x 15cm

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