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Botanopia | Potting Tarp

Botanopia | Potting Tarp

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Do you love plants, but not cleaning up after your gardening experiments? Do you love working with plants, but don’t have access to a garden?

This potting tarp is ideal to potter about with your plants.  It lets you garden on any surface - simply unroll it on your countertop, table or even your floor, and get started with your plants. Perfect for any household, especially those in apartments or without their own garden area.

Fully waterproof, with a handy storage strap. The raised corners keeps everything well contained on the canvas.

The strap is available in leather, or a vegan black ribbon version.

Flat size - 75cm x 57cm
Assembled size (raised corners) - 65cm x 47cm (the edges are 5cm high)

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