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Plant Straws

Plant Straws

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These stylish Plant Straws are created by Elin Fyhr all the way over in Sweden.

A great way to set up watering in your plants, one end of the string goes into the pot (down by the roots is best so consider when repotting!) and the other end goes into a cute vessel of your choice.

What is it: A self watering wick

Plant Straws are designed to create a steady moisture level, adjustable by placing a shorter or longer length of the cord in the pot to suit your plant. 

All Plant Straws are available industrially powder coated with a matte, structured finish or in raw brass that develops a deep brown patina over time.

Wash, cut off or replace the cord as it wears out over time, keep the Plant Straw forever!

Please note, only medium size available.

Medium: 30 cm/12 in For pots from 11 to 26 cm (4.5 to 10 in) high, or all setups with height difference up to 23 cm (9 in).

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