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Let's Save Our Planet: Forests

Let's Save Our Planet: Forests

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Perfect for future change-makers and eco-conscious kids, Lets Save Our Planet: Forests is a timely and empowering book.

Do you want to make a difference and help change the world? If the answers yes then this book is for you! Turn the pages and discover everything you need to know about deforestation and the ways we can tackle it. From scientists and conservationists helping to protect forest creatures, to tech inventions like robot tree-planters, this book helps children aged 8 and up to discover the incredible solutions to deforestation that are being worked on around the world right now.

Readers can begin by exploring different forest types around the world, discovering what makes each of them precious and unique, before taking a look at the causes, effects and solutions to deforestation. The final section explores what readers can do to help. Filled with guides, tips and lessons in how to use your voice and change your habits, these pages help readers learn how they can make a difference. 

Book Details: Format Hardback | 64 pages | Dimensions 23.5cm x 29.6cm | Ages 8-10years

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