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Leaf Supply | Deck of Plants

Leaf Supply | Deck of Plants

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This is the definitive deck for anyone obsessed with house plants.

Houseplants have the power to transform any room, and this handy deck of cards will help you select the perfect plant pal for your chosen space. From light-loving foliage to those that prefer a shadier spot, Leaf Supply’s curated indoor greenery guide is the perfect reference for any plant lover, from novice to budding expert.

- Features 50 foliage plant profiles

- Easy-to-follow care information

- Simple guides for light, water, humidity and soil requirements

- Highlights pet-friendly plants and those to avoid

Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan are the brainchildren behind the Sydney-based interior-design nursery Leaf Supply. They have professional backgrounds in interior architecture and advertising, respectively. Together, they have previously also authored Plantopedia, also available at Flourish Foliage.

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