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Ebbs & Floods by Jane Paul

Ebbs & Floods by Jane Paul

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Ebbs & Floods was written in a small surfing town on the west coast of Ireland; in a Paris basement in spring; in the depths of Brussels nights; and in Aotearoa, always close to the sea. Jane Paul’s debut collection of poems follow her through the waves of being in her late twenties.

These poems are a warm blue evening; the smell of rain; a driftwood fire burning on the shore. They are the pull of waves and the shattering of glass. They are a moment standing in moonlight; cold stone under your feet; rain hitting bare skin; face lifted to the sky. They are a room full of lovers and an empty house with the lights left on. They are grounded, like pushing your hands into earth.

Book Details: Format Soft Cover | 190 pages | Dimensions 21cm x 14cm

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