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Zakkia | Bud Vase - Set of 4

Zakkia | Bud Vase - Set of 4

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Bud Vase Set of 4 - Raw / White

The four Bud Vases look beautiful in an orderly line or loosely grouped together to show off the different heights. The lined detailing on each vase are the result of the moulds that were handcrafted to shape each vase.

The textural and raw outer glaze is unsealed, while the inside is clear, glossy and and sealed to hold water.

Fill the bud vases with single stems, small bunches of flowers or leave some empty - it's up to you!

Dimensions: This product comes as a set of four vases, each a different height.
Large - 4cmd x 12cmh
Medium - 4cmd x 10cmh
Small - 4cmd x 8cmh
Extra Small - 4cmd x 6cmh

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