Meet the Creative - Terrazzo Trinkets

Meet the Creative - Terrazzo Trinkets


Stumbling across Sam and her terrazzo wares was a true find. I have to say I'm a little obsessed with the squiggle candleholders and can safely say that so are you all as I've had to order more already! 

Sam is super lovely and her candleholders are the perfect simple but colourful addition to any candle lovers collection. They look especially great with a mix of the National Candles.

Read on to find out more about Sam:

Location: Auckland

What led you into creating?
Arts and crafts have always been a part of my childhood growing up from scrapbooking to cardmaking to nail art, I have always been the type of person keen to try any trending art or craft. This was particularly true when I moved into an empty home I needed to furnish and decorate on a budget. I also enjoy painting and flipping furniture but had found that a lot easier to do over summer so insert Terrazzo Trinkets that I originally intended to fill in the gaps of time for me and started out as making Christmas presents for family over lockdown in 2021, quickly grew into a passion project in 2022 when I felt like there was a real gap in NZ for fun coloured homeware.

Describe your studio/creative space:
It originally started on my kitchen table then moved to little pockets of space in every room of the house until recently when I felt I was growing enough to convert the spare room to my office/studio space. It consists of a 'work' bench with good sunlight and a 'packing' bench to add finishing touches and pack orders.

Your favourite piece:
The sand and shell original oval trinket tray, it was one of the first pieces I stumbled across making and felt I got the balance between sand and shells right very quickly. I love walking down to my local beach and hand picking the shells that will go into my pieces and then sanding back the trays to see the different colours shells come through and sometimes even a bit of sea glass!

A favourite place in NZ:
Hahei, Coromandel Peninsula - I have fond memories of camping next to the beach, waking up with the sun and spending all day in the water.

A memorable meal:
I find it hilarious that i'm finding this question the hardest out of the whole from, I really can't think of anything sorry!


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