Meet the Creative - SADiE Candles

Meet the Creative - SADiE Candles

A friend of a friend, told me about Sarah and her beautiful SADiE candles. We met, clicked and then came the difficult part of choosing which fragrances to pop in the shop.

My personal favourite is coconut and lime - fresh and zesty, it's the perfect candle for any time.

Sarah juggles motherhood, working, writing and candles...I'm in awe!

Read on to find out more about Sarah:

Location: Christchurch

What led you into creating?
I’ve always LOVED candles. When I was young I used to spend my pocket money on candles from the Arts Centre, they had this amazing candle store there. I can still so easily bring it to my minds eye. Then as an adult I spent a lot of money on good soy candles, my favourites costing well over the $100 mark. I wanted to create a high end fragrance line without the high end price tag. It’s been a “slow burn” on the side lines of Motherhood, writing and my 9-5 but it’s slowly evolved into what it is today.

Describe your studio/creative space:
I love my studio! As well as all the normal essentials, It has a gorgeous dried floral arrangement on one wall, a wax melter in the corner, a huge pouring table with rollers at either end for stickers and wrapping material! And a wrapping table - Carefully designed to be practical. The natural light makes it the perfect spot to get creative in.

Your favourite piece:
Ooh so hard to choose. My favourite at the moment is Pine, for obvious reasons - it really does smell just like a real Christmas tree! I also love Le Figuier - it’s this really sophisticated fragrance and so earthy and green. Black Pepper and Tobacco flower remains one of my all time favourites and burns so well with Moonlit Jasmine and Gardenia - I found this out when I walked into a friends once and was like “Wow! What candle are you burning?” … “Two of yours, of course” came her reply haha!

A favourite place in NZ:
Marlborough Sounds

A memorable meal:
Snails in France, pizza in Italy, Koshari in Egypt - but I honestly think my favourite memories are of the meals shared around our table - It’s an old table that I up-cycled about ten years ago; it’s covered in the faintest of red wine stains with the more recent addition of felt pen marks. It holds so many memories.

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