Meet the Creative - Plantstraws

Meet the Creative - Plantstraws

Elin of Plantstraws has cleverly combined functionality and style together to make her products perfect. A way to water your plants and add something a little extra to your home, Plantstraws are a cool addition to both plant newbies and experts alike. Currently online only, check them out

Coming all the way over from Sweden, they make a welcome addition to the Flourish Foliage offerings. It's been so nice conversing with Elin, occasionally reminiscing about Europe and learning that Austrian natural wine is very popular in Sweden! Elin is enthusiastic, stylish and I look forward to seeing what else she might come up with.

Read on to find out more about Elin:

Location: I'm in Stockholm, Sweden

What led you into creating?
The plant straws was originally created in 2015 out of panic: weekly travels between Stockholm and Copenhagen had left some of my much loved plants in both cities in need of rescue from my scattered life style. I wanted something reliable, but also something that would look good when I came back to either home. I started experimenting with brass tubes because I found them beautiful and came up with the general shape first. I then tweaked the materials, diameters, radius... until it all just worked. Finding the right wick took forever haha! 2016 I moved back to Stockholm full time, and forgot all about them... until I got a maiden hair fern that died almost instantly because I forgot to water it! Late 2018 I started the instagram account @plantstraws and participated in some design markets to see if anyone else would have similar problems like mine. In 2019 I started the online store and in 2021 I quit my job in architecture to focus only on this. I love working on something that I've created myself, its an amazing feeling!

Describe your studio/creative space:
Bright, street level, chaotic and shared with a friend! <3

Your favourite piece:
The plant straws off course! But I also love making quirky mini collections, like the wavy plant pins and my most recent concept that I call Trassel. It's a small stone ware sculpture that can be put on the wall or a shelf just on its own, or used to arrange vines or cut flowers.

A favourite place in NZ:
I've travelled around New Zealand in a camper van in my 20s! I found it so fascinating that I could spend one day at a snowy glacier and the next at a beach actually considering a swim. The contrasts and the sceneries are just amazing! I also remember Wellington for micro breweries and creativity!

A memorable meal:
A vegan meal at a temple outside Kyoto. Especially a clear soup that tasted like the smell of a garden!

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