Meet the Creative - Naykim Creates

Meet the Creative - Naykim Creates

You know when you come across something and immediately know it's gong to be good? This was the case when I stumbled across Naykim Creates on Instagram. Simple, stylish leather plant hangers that are NZ made? An easy decision to have these in the shop. Coming in two sizes and black or tan, these are a great addition for a hanging plant.
Not to mention that Kim herself is an absolute sweetheart!

Read on to find out more about Kim:

Location: Ohope Beach

What led you into creating?
Like many I am a recent convert to the houseplant craze. I was looking for a hanger for my bathroom and wasn't keen on macrame as I thought it would get wet and potentially mouldy. I saw a few leather hangers but they were out of my budget. Found some DIY instructions which I tweaked to make one for myself. Fast forward a year or so and I'd noticed leather plant hangers were still not very commonplace so decided to give it a go! I launched the original just over a year ago. It was well out of my comfort zone and has been a learning curve but no regrets.

Describe your studio/creative space:
Haha. I work mainly on the floor and have my materials stashed in various corners of my house.

Your favourite piece:
I only have the one product so am pivoting this question a bit... my favourite part of making hang'n is doing my custom leather stamp. It makes me feel like an actual grown up.

A favourite place in NZ:
Ooo that's tricky. Marlborough Sounds would definitely be up there. I grew up in Blenheim and spent many happy times in the Sounds growing up.

A memorable meal:
Travelling through SE Asia my friend and I met a Vietnamese American guy who invited us his back to his village in the Mekong Delta. Once there we were invited to join in the remembrance feast for his grandmother with all the family and the food was amazing! As was all the laughs when we had pretty much zero shared language.

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