Meet the Creative - Nadine McConnell Ceramics

Meet the Creative - Nadine McConnell Ceramics

After scoring some Nadine McConnell Ceramics pieces in a slightly fraught Instagram sale (being the fastest one to comment sold - exhilarating!) I asked Nadine if she would be interested in making some ceramics for the shop. And the rest is history! 

Nadine produces the most amazing ceramics and it's always exciting when they arrive. Ranging from natural/neutral to a shimmery rhubarb glaze, these pieces are beautiful and unique. Great for small plants or establishing precious cuttings or the bloom bowls that look great with fresh or dried flowers, there's something for everyone.

Check them out in store to see the range!

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Read on to find out more about Nadine:

Location: Warkworth

What led you into creating?
I grew up surrounded by ceramics and art as both of my late grandparents were well known New Zealand Potters. I have many of their pieces scattered throughout our family home, and I’ve always been drawn to the idea of making ceramics, however the timing was never quite right. It was only after the birth of my first child in 2015 that I decided to join Mairangi Arts Centre with some close friends, and start my journey with clay. Somehow over the years it progressed quite fittingly into a small business.

Describe your studio/creative space:
We’re lucky to have a studio behind our house, it’s fairly basic, but it really has all I need which is plenty of shelves! I have a small display / shop area and from time to time we open our studio to the public.

Your favourite piece:
At the moment it’s shallow bowls for my bloom stone and bowl sets. I love the form and the simplicity of a bowl, and they’re fairly large so also a challenge to throw.

A favourite place in NZ:
Home! It might be a bit sad to say it considering we’ve spent a large amount of time here over the past few years, but it truly is a little slice of paradise. We’ve got a few acres and a handful of animals to keep us busy and a few dozen local beaches to take our pick from depending on the tide.

A memorable meal:
Ohhh that’s a good one, I’d have to say the street food from our time on Galapagos Island, my husband and I traveled there for our honeymoon, it was an amazing atmosphere and the seafood was delicious!


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