Meet the Creative - Kate Bloom Textiles

Meet the Creative - Kate Bloom Textiles

Years ago, Kate and I met when she was working in a cafe and we bonded over a Mac lipstick - Girl About Town.

We kept bumping into each other over the years and our friendship has blossomed. Kate has her own coffee van business (highly recommend) and in between tootling around for events, jobs, advising people for their hospitality businesses, Kate is also creative! She weaves, sews and creates beautiful pieces to wear or display.

Come in and check out the cute clouds she's made for Flourish!

Read on to find out more about Kate:

Location: Greenpark, Christchurch

What led you into creating?
I have always loved creating with textiles and after years of creating with fabric, I suddenly (finally )had time in the first lockdown to explore and learn the art of Weaving and I never want to stop.

Describe your studio/creative space:
In a 40ft container that is full of colour and textiles and yarn and buttons and thread and weaving looms and sewing machines. ( you get the creating picture) A lot of experimenting happens in their, so the walls are now full of weavings and art. Sometimes messy and sometimes tidy.

Your favourite piece:
I love making them all but I do love the custom woven wall hangings. Clients give me a brief and off I go and create.

A favourite place in NZ:
Canterbury of course, especially Banks Peninsula

A memorable meal:
Pizza in NYC


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