Meet the Creative - Jördis

Meet the Creative - Jördis

I am lucky enough to not only have Jördis creating her amazing pieces using driftwood and plants, she's also a good friend of mine! We met through the wider plant community and now all benefit from having a tight group of women who have become close friends. You know who you are!

Jördis is passionate about all things plants - it's not hard to tell when you see her religiously watering them every Sunday (often shared on her stories @i_foliage).

Make sure you come in store to see these beauties in real life, sometimes they don't even make it up on the wall before they're snapped up!

Read on to find out more about Jördis:

Location: Christchurch

What led you into creating?
My passion for indoor plants led me to being creative and play around with how else plants can be displayed visually pleasing other than pots while at the same time allowing the plants to do their thing naturally which is grow. When I get an idea of what could look 'cool', I tend to research the process a lot which of course includes the process of how to mount plants.

I like to 'get it right' from the get-go but usually there is a learning curve and my own experiences to go through on top of what I've learned from my research. This helps me to refine the process to either make the product longer lasting or easier and faster to make.

At home I have got a very eclectic collection of plants that are displayed in various ways, including your standard pots, inside Terrariums, inside cabinets and mounted on wood of course. All my wood mounted plants are in the bathroom and last I counted, I've got 13 wood mounted plants but am already contemplating and looking where else I could add more.

Describe your studio/creative space:
I do all my work outside by the garden shed which has got a structure next to it at the perfect height for working with plants, repotting, etc.

Your favourite piece:
That changes almost every day but sticking with the mounted plants, probably my large Hoya Carnosa which has been wood mounted for 2 years + now but is in desperate need of a make over. It was one of the first plants I mounted on wood and it's on a really beautiful and thick fern fibre panel.The Hoya is so happy on it that it has grown its roots out of the mount, through the panel and out the other side of the fern fibre panel. Crazy huh. I suppose, she'll be attached to it forever haha.

A favourite place in NZ:
Christchurch of course but closely followed by Mount Maunganui.

A memorable meal:
I don't think there is a specific meal or food that stands out; I am a huge foodie though and love anything savoury or sweet. I am the happiest when surrounded by family so any time the wider family is over and we eat together is special.

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