Meet the Creative - GrowProbe

Meet the Creative - GrowProbe

I noticed a new business pop up with an awesome little product that will help both newbie and experienced plant owners, the GrowProbe. It not only stops people from overwatering, but aerates the soil at the same time.

It's clear that owner/operator of GrowProbe Shayna has put a lot of thought into her product, right down to the smallest of details. Paired with her friendly customer service, this is a must for any indoor gardener!

Read on to find out more about Shayna:

Location: Te-Whanganui-a tara (Wellington)

What led you into creating?
I work as a horticultural technical technician, which is basically a fancy name for a plant lady. I maintain indoor plants in a commercial setting. To correctly water the plants, we use a soil probe that my work imports over from the US.

I remember the lightbulb moment very clearly; I had just visited my sister-in-law and had given her advice on how to water her plants. I had found many friends and family were in the same position and were killing plants from overwatering. I said to my partner if only I could lend her the soil probe. He suggested well, why don't you just make your own. It was a throwaway comment, but the seed was planted and one-year later (15/11/2022) I released the GrowProbe.

Prior to this I had no business/start-up experience, so it has been a journey to get where I am now! I've thoroughly enjoyed every part of it.

Describe your studio/creative space:
I have two spaces that I would class as my studio. My office, which overlooks the garden, and I am lucky enough to have a garden room/out house, which is my 'women's cave' where I propagate plants and get creative.

Your favourite piece:
I've only got the one, so the GrowProbe

A favourite place in NZ:
Lake Tarawera

A memorable meal:
A restaurant called SaSazu in Prague. It was tapa meals that were by far the best meals and experience that I've had to date.

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