Meet the Creative - Earme

Meet the Creative - Earme

Amy and I taught together for a few years at South New Brighton School. When she told me that she had started making earrings and wondered if I'd be interested in stocking them, it was an immediate yes - no thought required.
Amy (on the right) and her co-worker, Layka

Amy loves to play with colours and textures, no earrings are the same (although she can go through certain phases - blue earrings anyone?!) Customers love to check out her creations and love that she is local.

Amy is what I would describe as a golden person - kind, creative and very entertaining. Be sure to check out her workshops, you can join one with some friends, go alone or even book in a private workshop. Send Amy an email at to enquire, it's well worth it!

Read on to find out more about Amy:

Location: Christchurch

What led you into creating?
I first started using polymer clay when I was 14 for a school business project. When I was 21 I started making earrings through the night as we nursed my dear mum through her cancer journey. It was therapeutic for me at the time. Then in 2020 (after having 3 boys and deciding that was enough) I felt like I had a bit of creative energy and wanted to combine polymer clay with earring making. Now I love it so much, especially creating with other people at workshops!

Describe your studio/creative space:
A studio opposite the beach, try hard organised but mostly a creative mess!

Your favourite piece:
I always make what I feel like making. I'm not good at mass producing - in fact I don't. Each piece is pretty unique. I love playing around with colour the most, especially using silkscreens.

A favourite place in NZ:
The Beach, always and anyone. I'm always amazed how it calms me, and how the same beach can be entirely different the next day. I'm always on the hunt for dolphins and wildlife too.

A memorable meal:
UMMMMM.....the one when I came back to the table from the bathroom in a completely different dress..... (Hannah here, this is the BEST story haha!!!)


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