Meet the Creative - Cahaya

Meet the Creative - Cahaya

I reached out to Ern after seeing her items featured on someone's Instagram and she was immediately keen to work together. Cahaya means light in Malay and is a lovely reflection of both the brand and Ern herself.

The propagation stations are made at home using her 3D printer and look great grouped together or singularly. Lightweight and attractive, they are perfect mix of function and style.

Read on to find out more about Ern:

Location: Located in Melb, Aus!

What led you into creating?
The idea for CAHAYA was birthed out of lockdown 2020. That was when my passion and obsession over plants really kicked off!
Through my obsession, I learnt heaps about plants & loved how easily I could create new life from mother plants through propagation. Being in the Architecture industry also meant that I could design & understood how 3D printing works. And so, combining my ability to design & my passion for plants, I thought, why not design propagation vessels?
CAHAYA means light in Malay, a tribute to my Malaysian heritage. This project and my love for plants was my Light in what is considered a dark time.

Describe your studio/creative space:
It's not really a studio but just a little corner in my attic space at home.

Your favourite piece:
I think I enjoyed designing Ava the most! It took many iterations but I love how it's simple but still refined and textural.

A favourite place in NZ:
Probably Paradise/Glenorchy!

A memorable meal:
In NZ, might be overhyped/touristy but Fergburger? Haha. In Melb, definitely Brae for food + stay combo. In another part of the world, definitely Sushi Arai in Tokyo.

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