Meet the Creative - Attend

Meet the Creative - Attend

I met Ruth by being neighbours first while Ruth worked in GoodFor. She was starting her brand Attend and wondered if I'd be interested in stocking some of her products. No brainer!

From bath salts to working in the shop a day a week (Fridays), we have come a long way in a short amount of time. 

Ruth stocks her Attend and supporting brands in Flourish and it's a beautiful compliment to what is already offered. Attending to your self is so important.

Pop in to check out the range, available all week long!

Read on to find out more about Ruth:

Location: Christchurch

What led you into creating?
My best friend gifted me a watch during a sharp-edged time in my life. Engraved on the back was the word 'attend', intended to help me stay present, rooted in the moment.
This is a concept she and I spoke of often amongst many other late-night musings, and to this day I am intrigued by it. How do we best stay present, and what does being present look like for different people?
Through motherhood, relationships, relocating, and many life pivots, I have understood that the main way that allows me to best attend to each moment is to ensure I spend regular, deep time alone.
Attend is a quiet effort to invite others to develop and cherish time with themselves, attending to their inner needs and creating a space where alone time can be celebrated.
I have been curating and creating connections for Attend store for about 6months.

Describe your studio/creative space:
It a small space in the back of my garage. I have hung linen curtains and propped up an old door as an A-frame desk and that's me. I open the side door and listen to birds and feel the breeze as I work on making scents or find new nourishing resources. I can't help but mention, its very unromantic - dogs, a six year old and chickens are only a second away to disturb any sense of calm or productivity- Just in case anyone was idealizing the situation!

Your favourite piece:
Any item that brings a new connection. I really enjoy collaborating with and getting to know about the people behind the items and resources I choose. Its as though we are all on the same team - working towards people meeting with themselves and taking space for them. Its exciting to share passions.

A favourite place in NZ:
Whatuwhiwhi beach in Doubtless Bay, Northland. It's my soul home. My childhood consisted of escaping there for summers and some part of the child me still lives there among the dunes, warm ocean and shadowy trees.

A memorable meal:
I'm really enjoying the snow peas in my garden coming through. I want to say I have made this beautiful salad with them or had them as part of a meal, but really I've just been eating one as soon as I find one in the tangled, delicate vines. What great pleasure it gives me.

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