Meet the Creative - Alice Berry Design

Meet the Creative - Alice Berry Design

I've been admiring Alice's paintings for a long time, especially as her colour palette is right up my alley. Then I came across her ceramic pretzels and immediately purchased one, it now hangs as part of the bits and pieces wall in my bedroom.


Finding out that some of her work in the was in the form of postcards, prints, cards and calendars, it was an easy choice to make Alice's work a part of Flourish's offerings.

Read on to find out more about Alice:

Location: Auckland

What led you into creating?
I started off studying graphic design at uni back in 2007, but I'd always done painting for fun. At uni I developed a bit more of my illustration style and colour palettes. In about 2017 I started painting again, then got into ceramics and it just grew from there! Eventually I managed to stop working full time and freelance in design and also do all my other creative things. I'm very grateful that I can do this and bring people a smile or a bit of joy.

Describe your studio/creative space:
At the moment it's in a space under endemicworld in Auckland. It gets lots of natural light which is lovely and it doesn't matter if I spill paint on the floor haha. It full of all my creations, lots of ceramics bits, paint, little colour palettes, and of course lots of crystals.

Your favourite piece:
I really enjoy making ceramics. Working with clay is really grounding and it's so fun creating colourful snakes and pretzels and vases. It's also a lesson in patience as you never know what will happen every time it goes in the kiln!

A favourite place in NZ:
Northland beaches!

A memorable meal:
Moroccan Mint Tea! It's so delicious and sitting in a souk sipping it while surrounded by so many colourful creations is amazing.

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