Meet the Community - Two Raw Sisters

Meet the Community - Two Raw Sisters

Margo and Rosa have been my Welder neighbours from the very beginning. While I may have only moved approx 15 metres away, I miss them being next to me! Whenever they're in the kitchen, there is a constant mix of laughter, delicious cooking, energy and some great pop music.

These two powerhouses never stop, constantly on the hop from one project to the next they have achieved so much. Four cookbooks, an app, workshops, a million other projects and constant new achievements - Margo and Rosa have earned every bit of their success.

Check out their cookbooks (Salad and Simple Fancy are available at Flourish), sign up to a work shop, subscribe to their app - there is something for all eaters.

           Photo by Susannah Blatchford

Read on to find out more about Margo and Rosa:

Two Raw Sisters:
We are Rosa and Margo, sisters, who have established an internationally recognised plant-focused food platform to educate and inspire all eaters to create better lifestyles by making plants the centerpiece of every plate, adding protein on the side. Neither of us is vegan or vegetarian; we don't promote ‘diets’ and we don’t use expensive ingredients. Our recipes break the barrier between eating well and sustainably whilst being mindful of cost. All eaters are welcome.

What led you into doing this?
After overcoming chronic fatigue, eating disorders and endometriosis. Our unique approach to plant-based living is the result of discovering the power of plants, and the beneficial impact they have on overall health and wellbeing. Since, we’ve set out to share delicious ways for people to feel better. We've published four best-selling cookbooks, launched the Two Raw Sisters App, we host sell-out cooking workshops, and have partnered with Life Education Trust and 5+ A Day to help children in the kitchen.

What's your favourite part of the business?
We love creating cookbooks. Both Rosa and my strengths come together and it is the best feeling seeing your vision come to life on paper!

Favourite place in Aotearoa?
Marahau, Abel Tasman. Where we shot our latest cookbook, Simple Fancy.

Memorable meal?
Because we create so many recipes, it is forever changing!! But if I had to choose one it would be at a Melbourne restaurant, Atica. We did the most amazing 8 course degustation. The food, theatre and creativity were next level. If you're into that type, put it on your bucket list.

Get in touch with Two Raw Sisters via their website and their instagram!


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